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Thread: Palisades Ice Out?

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    Default Palisades Ice Out?

    Long time resident of Utah, retired and moved to Idaho. This is part of my research and surveying Idaho Members for average Ice Out at Palisades. We drove by last week and saw the reservoir for the 1st time and it appears to be about 40' below Full Pool. Websites I've checked advertise it to be 53% of capacity and a surface temp of 70 degrees. My math indicates max depth to be about 120' when full. It was midweek when we drove by and there was not much activity as we only saw 2 boats trolling along the South Shoreline. Any honest help would be appreciated!

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    I am out of town and don't have access to my records, but I think I can usually be on the water in mid-April. This website is very useful for determining if you can launch your boat at the two ramps in Idaho. You might want to check out Ririe Reservoir. The fish as not as big as Palisades, but I tend to catch more fish there. It is smaller than Palisades and the water levels tend to be more stable. Here is a link to look at water levels there. Good luck!


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