Hello everyone,
Last year saw a WY game and fish video on kokanee spawning at Lake DeSmet. I believe they were first stocked in 2019 and have grown well. Based on this we decided to visit the lake and try it. Arrived Sunday night 6/12 but had truck problems. While waiting for the injectors to be replaced ($3,500!) we were able to pull the boat to the lake with a rental vehicle on Tuesday. Before the rain we fished about 3 hours and caught 7 kokes and 1 rainbow (back in the water). We started in the SE corner of the lake near what i thought was the deep part of the lake near what i thought was the dam. Trolled north into deeper water almost to far end of the lake. We never marked schools, only isolated fish. Hooked fish all the way up the lake. They were scattered and fairly shallow. We were using 4 DRs and fishing 10 - 20 feet deep. Wedding ring lures (Mack's Lure Double Whammy Pro Spinners) seemed to work the best of what we tried. The limit on this lake is 6 per license. I recall the fish were between 11" and 16" - so not big, but also not small. See photo below.

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