We fished the last 3 days and fishing continues to be mostly slow. Monday we had 4 by 6:30 at Rawlings ( a new spot for us - thanks for the report mentioning this) and after nothing more for 2 hours we went to Brinegars so we could run back in to the marina in sleet. Tuesday we fished Rawlings (nada), green/sheep creek junction (nada), hideout (1 random on pink), north wall of sheep creek bay (nada) and Rawlings again in the evening (1 random fish on blue). Today we caught one at the green/sheep junction (blue) and nothing at all the other stops. 7 caught in three days and 3 eaten so far. Fishing is slow, fish eating is excellent and life is good in Manila.

We are not interested in calculating hours per fish or $ per fish.