When we arrived in Manila on June 1 a guy at the gas station said they had fished hard for 4 days with no Kobes. He said the same dates the previous year they caught 50. Third hand knowledge.

Fishing was slow at first. We fished shallow w/ lead core and DRs, with 60 ft of mono leader on LC and 80 ft of drop on DRs. Friday, sat and Sunday were better w/ 6,4,5 caught. Friends arrived and we were down to catching dinner. On Thursday before we left yesterday we caught 7 nice cokes. Lots of folks at pipeline but we only caught babies there - shallow only. We fished sheep creek and hideaway area mostly.

We have a new thermometer and took temps at the Lucerne marina sat and the following Tuesday. Here are the depths, followed by Saturday’s and Tuesday’s temps. 20 ft; 54.5,57 25 ft; 54, 56 30 ft; 54, 57 40ft; 53, 54.5 50ft; 52, 53.5 60ft; 51, 53.5. Surface temps were 56 and 58. While we started fishing deeper the fishing didn’t improve until Thursday.

What worked?

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Early success was with oranges and later success with blue. Almost all are bright colors and day glow components. Yes, that is a day glow grub half way up from lure. Don’t have the actual orange and blue lures with me, but several looked like the pink lure. Pink and chartreuse only caught fishermen this trip. Last seven fish caught 33 to 43. Good luck. Kokanee64