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  1. 2 Cannon Digi-Troll 5 downriggers and accessories

    Sold, sorry but I donít know if I can delete the post.

    Barely used, and I mean barely used, downriggers. Includes 4 weights, pole for grabbing cable, releases, and back up handles. Priced at 1/2...
  2. Arrowrock

    At least Arrowrock is getting a quality enema tooexcited.
  3. That may have been me

    I was at Spring Shores, got the big skunk on the first trip of the year. Water ranged from 39 to 42 degrees, a fair amount of wood debris throughout. Marked a lot of fish but no takers. Boat ran...
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    Sticky: Signature approval please

    2005 Blue Lund Pro V 1900, 200 Merc main, 9.9 Merc kicker, too much other crap... Yell and say hi, I don't bite too often.

  5. Very nice

    Nice batch of fish thumbsup. How big were the cohos? That could be an awesome bonus in a year or two.
  6. Freeze plug

    Good luck and I hope it isn't severe. This is where I love my outboard, much less to winterize.
  7. Good report

    Thanks for the update. Were any docks in the water? I was hoping to get my new FF mounted but couldn't get to it today and tomorrow ain't looking good. Did get my trailer posts mounted though. That...
  8. Good luck

    I won't be out until next week. Make sure you leave some thumbsup.
  9. New fishfinder

    I'd say you have to define the bank when starting the search. Prices definitely vary a lot with features. Side scan starts addding up quick and you have to decide if you want that option. Than there...
  10. Getting close

    I have to mount a new fish finder and some trailer guides and I am ready for the season. Just can't quite motivate myself to get outside but the weather forecast is looking good. Good luck this year.
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    Sticky: Fuel lines

    I've had to replace my lines and bulbs every other year. I've done it myself as well as had 2 boat shops do it. Every time I've had the hose interior cracked and breaking apart. The first time I had...
  12. Open ramps

    There are still some ice around the dam, and all of the arms as well as Spring Shore are still iced over but starting to break up. Turner Gulch was usable although you would have to battle shore...
  13. Sportsmans Warehouse

    The fishing report board by the entrance had the trout/Kokanee bite listed as good while trolling. Has somebody been holding out? Haha
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    Mine are duplicate. The main is forward and the kicker is a couple feet or so behind it. Not saying in the heat of the moment I've grabbed the wrong one, haha.
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    Kicker input

    I have all my kicker controls at the helm. All I have to do for the kicker is pump the primer bulb before I launch. I like it all by the helm so other folks can have the back of the boat when landing...
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    Cannon Digi Troll downrigger bases

    I was checking to see if folks have had any trouble towing with downriggers on the boat. I'm running digitrolls with the standard Cannon swivel and mounting bases mounted on my gunnels. Bolted in and...
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    Nice top, I may swing by and get a price from them on my boat cover as well
  18. Fishing report

    Drove by yesterday and saw some open water. With some warmer temps coming up I'd get out there quick if ice fishing. One warm and windy day...
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    Another upgrade - Woohoo

    Ordered a new Humminbird Helix 9 G2N to replace my 1198 at the console. Looking forward to the increased imaging capabilities. Just need a weather warm up to get some boat maintenance moving.

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    Folbe mounts

    I too switched to Folbe a few years back, takes folks a few practice releases to understand the operation. I have a Lund with a wide gunnel and mounted 3 flush mounts per side and one on each rail in...
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    There may be an easier way to search but I use the advanced search box and that stays in the website. I envy your Montana walleye fishing, that was one thing I mostly gave up moving to Idaho....
  22. And to you as well.

    This will be my first year targeting kokes but I am pumped.
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    Have a blessed season and a great 2016 everyone.

    Have a blessed season and a great 2016 everyone.
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    I live in Colorado and switched to a Solas 4...

    I live in Colorado and switched to a Solas 4 blade. 19 pitch I believe. Took forever to plane out with my 3 blade Merc prop but the Solas has been awesome at a good price. Lost about 2 miles at top...
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    I have my 1198 linked with my motor. I don't...

    I have my 1198 linked with my motor. I don't think you would think it is a waste of money. I use it for trolling and moving to gps spots a fair amount.
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