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  1. Sticky: REALLY ?

    1. too many kokanee in the Dworshak for good fishing
    2. they are so small because there are too many of them
    3' they don't really bite until they are 8.5 inches in length
    4. water is...
  2. Sticky: Dworshak koke question

    Does anybody know if Id F & G used fertilizer in Dworshak in 2023? Does anyone know if they will use fertilizer in 2024? Without the fertilizer, the kokes are smaller and much deeper, even...
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    where is 2023?

    2022 was at a virtual standstill so people quit fishing. I don't even see the moderator post to start 2023! So here's what I think happened in 2022....I only went once, around the first week of...
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