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    Sticky: We're Lucky today

    We fish from 7:30 AM 'til 12:15PM. Boated 6 Kok from 15" ~ 16". Few trout from 12" -15". Long line 1.1/2oz sinker, Fordfender half & half + Kokabow Eagle spinner + white corn. DR depth is vary from...
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    Sticky: Couple Kok...couple Trout...

    Our 1st fishing trip in LP this year (April-30-2021). Launched at Turner Gulch at 9:45AM and it was windy, 1st section of the main dock floats, temporary dock still in the water.
    Trolled from...
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    Yesterday storm was for blaming :-)

    We did better on last Monday. Today was much slower and we took home 3- 14" Kokanee. All the fish I caught were at 15' deep with DR. Wife's fishing pole set at vary-depth from 22' down to 33', all...
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    14 hits boated 7 Kok & 1 Trout

    Fished today from 8:00AM until 1:45PM. We took home 7 Kokanee size from 12 ~ !4". 1 Trout 13" the trout was bleeding so that we kept.
    It was windy in the morning and die down about noon. Water...
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    thumbsuplaugh hyst101ok101

    thumbsuplaugh hyst101ok101
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    Fishing is still slow.

    Today is our first fishing trip of this year. We're starting from 8:30Am and quit at ~5:00PM. That's a beautiful day on the lake and there were many fishing boats around Lime Creek early in the...
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    101goodpost101 Thank davet for your report.
  8. Both reservoirs were open on the New Year day and...

    Both reservoirs were open on the New Year day and the boat ramps were use able. Temporary ramp was at Turner Gulch. Water in Arrowrock was about 3/4 full.
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    Great video. Thanks for sharing and Best Wishes...

    Great video. Thanks for sharing and Best Wishes for the New year.
    The direct link to your Youtube channel need to be edited. Erase the extra http://before the https:// then it will work.
  10. There were 2 trucks with boat trailer parked at...

    There were 2 trucks with boat trailer parked at boat ramp. I didn't see the other boat so that probably fishing further up stream. This boat was close by the dam area. They said that caught few...
  11. New Year Day 2020

    Hoping for a successfully and fun filled year to the Arrowrock Kokanee Fishermen.
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    Veteran Day 11/11/2019
    To all the Vets of the United States

    Thank you for your service
    God Bless America
  13. Slow!

    Solo fishing at Anderson Ranch today from 9:30AM ~ 4:30PM. There were few boats on the lake and I didn't see any action, fishing was slow. 1st fish caught was a 17" Chinook on the DR at 20' then I...
  14. Aug-01-2019 @ LP

    Are you still longliner fishing or doing more with the DR?

    We fished LP today from 8:00 - 12:30 PM. Released 5 good size rainbow trout, couple trout has parasites on the skin . Boated 1-16" Kok...
  15. Nice size Kok.thumbsup Thanks G3 longliner.

    Nice size Kok.thumbsup Thanks G3 longliner.
  16. July-25-2019

    Fished today from 7:00AM 'til 3:30PM. Boated 8 Kok, Fish color are start turning now. DR from 30 ~ 45' with dodger and pink squid. Long line pole didn't have any hit at all.
    Good luck to all...
  17. We fished from 9:00AM to 6:30PM yesterday...

    We fished from 9:00AM to 6:30PM yesterday (Thurs.7/18). Boated 9 Kok with two are 18.5". Fishing was slow. Troll from Curlew to Wood Creek and back. Pink squid with dodger from DR 30 - 40' , long...
  18. You did better than us. We took home 7 Kok all...

    You did better than us. We took home 7 Kok all orange meat with 2 of them are 18". Started to fish from 9:00am we caught 4 fish less than 50 minutes in Curlew, after 10:00 that they shutdown. We...
  19. 3 days 24 Kok

    My wife and I were there from Mon 7/1/19 - Wed 7/3/19
    Mon. fish from noon til 7:30 boated 8 Kok, released 2 rainbow trout. Fish from 20 - 25' DR Vance dodger + pink squid and 1 long line pole 1.1.4...
  20. Good luck if you go fishing in LP. That's our...

    Good luck if you go fishing in LP. That's our first fishing trip LP this year.
  21. Friday 6/28/19 3hrs 3 fish

    Good day fishing in LP. My wife and I fish from 9:00AM ~ 12:00PM in the dam area. We boated 1-19" Chinook and 2 - 15" Kokanee. One double fish that was a Chinook and a rainbow. Released 2 rainbow ~...
  22. 6 hrs - 10 Kok.

    Fished yesterday from 10:00Am 'til 4:00PM, boated 10 good size & fat kok and lost about 8 fish, release 1 little kok. None rainbow or Chinook. Fished from Curlew to Wood creek. That was a beautiful...
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    Recovered boat

    I'm happy for you. Hope you got everything back. Kokanee fishing is good at Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Tight lines.
  24. Thanks UncleLucas

    UncleLucas, thanks for good fishing report that you posted on 4/27. We were camp and fish there on Thurs 4/25 ~ 5/1/2019 also my brother and his wife came from Southern California on next day, they...
  25. One hit!!! No Fish!!!

    Solo fishing today at LP and this is my first fishing trip of the year. Fish around Charcoal Creek and Pipeline Gulch then toward the Goose Neck Bay. There's one hit on the long line pole with 60'...
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