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  1. Thanks Nofish.

    When I first started jigging 2 seasons ago I tried several rods I already had but they were too long and the tips too soft. Last year I purchased 2 "heavy" ugly sticks that are 57" long. They are an...
  2. Ice fishing rod for kokanee jigging (from a boat)??

    Just saw an ad for ice fishing rods and noticed that they come in some pretty heavy weights for big fish like pike or lake trout. When jigging for kokes the fish I lose are primarily when I...
  3. Thanks for your insight, SilverBullets and Kokanee64 - very interesting.

    Just got back from our first trip to Navajo. Best koke fishing we have had in the 1.5 years we have been doing it. Had some double, and even a triple hookups while trolling. As you mentioned...
  4. Thanks for your input Mike and Bduck

    When i go to other lakes this season i am going to try to get on some schools and see if they stay put. Next trip is to Navajo starting this Sunday. Never fished it so should be interesting.

    If I...
  5. Slow trolling - time to transition to jigging??

    Hello. I have a question and maybe a solution to the slow fishing experienced by many on the forum? First, i am NOT a seasoned expert koke fisherman. My wife and I really just got into it mid-summer...
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    Water level and launch spot?

    Hi, those look like some healthy kokes. Good job. Is the water level high enough to launch at the north ramp near the campground or did you launch near the dam? We were there a few weeks ago and used...
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    Slow at the gorge. Good at Fontenelle.

    Fished the gorge on Sat. 5/15 and Sunday. Launched at Lucerne Valley. Headed south toward Sheep Crk where we had caught Kokes last Sept. Only marked one small school and hooked zero. Trolled for a...
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    New guy from Boulder, CO

    Please do not hold it against me - my wife and i are probably just a few of the conservatives in Boulder!! Just joined the forum and i am happy to learn and to share information.

    Sold our 2 Hobie...
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