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  1. Dent

    We fished from Dent to Cranberry Cr. Today and caught 7. We were fishing 4 oz. About 40 ft out just like we have been around Bruce's. Not very good fishing for about 6 hrs. What depths and speeds...
  2. Smaller fish

    Two of us yesterday around Bruce's. Fished 6 hrs and caught 43. Almost half of them are 7 inches though. Are these like one year fish that won't spawn this year? The rest were nice 12 to 13 inch...
  3. Grandad

    Save some gas Bigjim1992. Put in at 6 this morning, off at 11. 19 at Bruce's.
  4. Grandad

    Got a report from Dent. My buddy went for 5 hrs and got 3. I've heard better reports around Merrys Bay.
  5. Dworshak

    Any fish being picked up by the dam? Hope to be on the water Tuesday and would appreciate any reports, depths, and gear info that anyone has to offer. Thanks
  6. Dworshak

    A friend of mine went last week
    They fished hard and tried many old spots. Caught 4, nice size but only 4.
  7. Dworshak reports

    Just curious, anybody catching on Dworshak? Like to catch enough to fill my smoker. Nobody's got much to say on here this year. Did they all get flushed over the dam this spring?
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