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    Sticky: 2020 hewscraft sportsman 180

    Hewscraft 18 ft sportsman 100 hp Honda 9.9 Yamaha Kicker Garmin reactor auto pilot canon electric down riggers9863
  2. chinook

    I always use herring when I fish for chinook--45 to 50 ft deep in the deep channels
  3. Deadwood fishing pressure

    There were only 3 to 5 boats on the water fishing the 2 days I was there--Very typical for deadwood--All the camp grounds were pretty much full but not many boats or fishermen--Most of the people do...
  4. Fished Deadwood 2nd week in june

    I fished for 2 days and caught several kookanee 9-11" There are lot's of fish but they are small--Good for the big trout and chinook--I caught 5 chinook biggest 6.5 lbs--Cutthroat are about 1.5-2lbs...
  5. Deadwood road

    Any information on the roads to Deadwood
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    About a month ago some people took snow machines into Deadwood and ice fished--They caught several kookanee and some chinook--The kookanee were about 13-16" The reason there is a reduced number of...
  7. Ramp

    I think I will wait also and I have a small boat with a 25 for bad ramps and deadwood
  8. Bigger fish

    I normally fish between 50 and 100 ft for the chinook--There are several big fish in that dept range--Lots of big Bull trout and some big trash fish as well--When I fish with bait I catch a variety...
  9. I will be chinook fishing in the next few days--I...

    I will be chinook fishing in the next few days--I hope they are a little bigger
  10. low water ramp

    low water ramp
  11. Ramp

    I just came from the elk creek ramp--The main paved ramp can't be used--The low water ramp can be used--There were 2 trucks with boat trailers parked in the ramp area--It will be difficult to launch...
  12. Ramp

    I know the main Elk Creek is at the marker where you cant launch a boat
    The low water ramp is available when the snow melts a little more
  13. I will be by there in a few days and I will check...

    I will be by there in a few days and I will check again
  14. 4 days ago

    4 days ago
  15. ramp

    The regular ramp has snow and ice on it and is out of the water--The low water ramp still has snow on it
  16. Anderson

    Thank You for the update
  17. Anderson

    That answers my question about chinook fishing--It is going to be a while before I can launch--The river is going to run very high this year and make the fishing later--I thinking mid june before the...
  18. Anderson

    There is ice at the dam in anderson or at curlew?
  19. Anderson

    I also caught a 5lb rainbow on Herring along with several large Bull trout--And a few monster squaw fish--I fished with the Yellow and Green size herring and both worked very well---I will try it...
  20. Herring

    I use yellow and green coded herring. I also use a pro troll lighted flasher if I fish below 50 ft. I don't have any problem catching fish but they are mostly all small 6-15 inches. It seems like...
  21. Chinook

    I have made 20+ trips last spring and fall targeting chinook at anderson and I have only caught 1/2 dozen over 3 lbs and only one 8.5 pounder there is never a problem catching fish 6 to 15 inches but...
  22. I live in Mtn Home so it is real easy for me to...

    I live in Mtn Home so it is real easy for me to fish by the dam. I just can't seem to catch the chinook in the 3+ range for some reason. I know there are several in there but I can't get them to...
  23. Chinook

    I fished for chinook until the first part of January at anderson--I would normally catch 6+ per trip--From early October on I caught over 50 I think--Almost all the fish were 6 to 15" I caught one...
  24. Water level

    I think Anderson will be late this year due to run off and murky water conditions early. There is a bunch of snow down low and and there will be high water early this year. I think the best fishing...
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    I went to deadwood over 10 times this last year...

    I went to deadwood over 10 times this last year on week ends and during the week. I never saw over 6 or seven boats and I talked to several fishermen that were kookanee fishing and none of them had...
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