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  1. chinook

    I always use herring when I fish for chinook--45 to 50 ft deep in the deep channels
  2. Deadwood fishing pressure

    There were only 3 to 5 boats on the water fishing the 2 days I was there--Very typical for deadwood--All the camp grounds were pretty much full but not many boats or fishermen--Most of the people do...
  3. Fished Deadwood 2nd week in june

    I fished for 2 days and caught several kookanee 9-11" There are lot's of fish but they are small--Good for the big trout and chinook--I caught 5 chinook biggest 6.5 lbs--Cutthroat are about 1.5-2lbs...
  4. Deadwood road

    Any information on the roads to Deadwood
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