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    Sticky: 01 MAY

    Had to wait for the wind to die down yesterday evening. Did manage about an 1:15 of fishing time. Had 6 bites, lost 2 (one lost at boat due to poor netting on my part-big fish), missed 3 bites, and...
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    Sticky: Last Saturday

    Last Saturday 3:30-6:00 fished N and S of Curlew ramp. Fished longlines between 100-120' of line out with 1oz weight. Had two bites, landed one, about 18 1/2". Marked quite a few fish, largely...
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    Sticky: Launching at Anderson

    You are able to launch at Anderson, i launched at Curlew on Saturday. The dock is not in the water, but you are able to launch-
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    Sticky: Ramp at vicinity of Anderson Dam

    Saturday, I was down at the ramp near the dam, i think it is called Elk Creek Ramp? Anyway, the dock was not close to being in the water, but the ramp itself is accessible and there it is dry....
  5. Thread: Anderson 3-23

    by sage68

    Anderson 3-23

    Fished Anderson for about 5 1/2 hours yesterday, Friday. Found the fish from where Lime Creek enters the reservoir (lime creek itself is very muddy emptying into the Anderson, but did not affect the...
  6. Anderson

    That's correct, Curlew is open and accessible. The ramp this Sunday was open and free of snow. Now if you're wondering about the dock, it is still stacked like it was last year.

    Went Sunday for...
  7. Anderson

    I was up there last Sunday. Open water from Curley towards the dam is not an issue. Fished for about 4 hours, had four hits. Landed 2, one was 14-15" the other may have been 10" (that one went back...
  8. Pine Dock

    There is a dock at the Pine Dock (campground). If you are going up during the week there should be plenty of room to park your trailer. It can get full during the weekends, but the extra walk from...
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    Fished Anderson last Friday evening-Sunday. Saturday landed 41 fish, most were 12-14". Water is much clearer, you can see the sun penetrating the water. Sunday had a significant amount of floating...
  10. Saturday and Sunday

    Fished Saturday (6 hours) and Sunday (4 hours) last weekend.

    Used four poles all long line.

    Saturday morning fish were on "top". We were going about 2.5 mph (based on the recommendations I've...
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