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  1. Sticky: 20-70 ft. They kept moving around. Just search...

    20-70 ft. They kept moving around. Just search until you see them on the graph. Set downrigger 20 ft above them and running 50 ft behind. Seemed to do the trick. Felt good to get out and smack a...
  2. Sticky: Chromers

    Caught a few kokes yesterday. Searched hard and got on a good school. 16-18. Had 4 doubles and three triples. Location is key.
  3. Sticky: fished 2/3/20

    fished out on arrowrock for about 3 hours on the third, debris everywhere on the water, caught a few trout, but no kokes.
    i will agree with the road being miserable, but as long as you take it...
  4. Sticky: Itching to get out there

    wanting to make the drive up there to try for some early season kokes, has anyone been by the boat ramps? is there any way a person can get out there? thanks in advance!
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