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    Slow Slow Slow

    I spent about 4 hours trolling Arrow Rock Res this morning. Had only 2 bites....one of which ended up being a pike minnow. Tried all the popular colors,

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    4th of July weekend!!!

    Fished Friday and caught a 22" Chinook (only bite and only fish). Saturday caught one 19" Koke (only bite and only fish). Sunday same thing,

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    G3 longliner

    2020 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Report

    I agree 100% I keep nothing under 14 in. Last trip i released 9 koks 12- 13 in at LP Next year they will be the 15-17 in fish But what do

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    2020 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Report

    Kokanee are highly susceptible to bacterial loss and because of their shoaling nature they could pass a viral or bacterial infection very easily. We are

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    Good Outfit

    25 fish limit

    I do not beleive that the 25 per day limit has anything to do with why there are no fish in the lake today as the mature fish we catch this year or any

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    7/5/20 report

    very few boats on the lake in the morning. Put in at 7:30AM. 3 kokes & 1 bow. purple wedding rings 20' & 40' deep. Seemed to like it a little

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    Fish and game

    I have heard that f&g sterilizes the kokanee that they plant so that they can control the numbers in the lakes and how is that going, why don't they

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    I wonder if having a 25 fish limit and a 3 day possession limit with 30 plus boats fishing everyday last year could have maybe had a impact on fish numbers

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