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  1. Hey, Tm send me your email if you do not mind. Thanks H
  2. TM, I have two Okuma line counters and two AbuGarcia . I am very lite drag with the awareness of soft mouths . Always try to keep the fish from jumping ( can't stop it sometime}. Rod is a 6'-6" texas popping stick. Yeah I never have heard of one either. Rod is very flexible and fights fish well.I have been at Jocassee alot and have caught plenty of fish. I have lost 2 out of 10 which is not that bad. Just wanted to make sure the trebles would not help.THanks H
  3. TM, I have been trying to fine tune my Kokanee lures on Jocassee and am noticing alot of lost fish do to the two hook set up on my K rigs. Have you tied trebles on instead? I caught a bow the last time I wen't to Nat . It was salmon pink. This leads me to believe the silver beast I had on the wee k prior was a Kok.I lost it witha double hook rig. Just wondering about the treble.Thanks H
  4. The trip was great! My son Alex caught his biggest brown a 20.5" nearly 3 lbs it was the last fish of our 14 fish limit. No lakers again ,the last stocking was in 2001 so I'm thinking there may not be any left. We caught browns,brooks, and rainbows most 10"-15".Trolling was tough from friday on because of the wind. Action was slow but we probably ended up catching 60-70 among the four of us. The last day we found out the trout were within inches of the bank under the trees eating bugs and caterpillars blown in by the wind.the weather was awesome ,usually it rains something fierce.As for Watauga we are planning to go up on free fishing day in June.Last year we caught 6 lakers,all about 2.75lbs.We have hooked and lost a couple of monsters on past trips.
  5. TM , how did your trip go to Calderwood, Watauga is another great destination for lakers.BG
  6. Harpoon Bear definately has walleyes we usually catch one or two on summer and fall trout trips downrigging.We never get more than that but don't really target them,but when one is in the net it will soon be covered in zatarans fish-fry and swimming in hot oil. A few have been 19"-20" and maybe two pounds.Last Sept. we found a ball of shad near the dam and picked up trout ,largemouth,bream ,and walleyes from under the shad.I'm hoping to get to Bear this weekend if all goes well.Do you have any Nantahala trips planned?
  7. Hey TM, I checked out your bear lake on the net and noticed it has walleye. I have a lake in SC that has a number of walleye in it. Just wanted to know if you have had luck with the spring run? I went last year and saw them on the bottom but could not get them to bite. thanks BG
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