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  1. Hey cofisherman, sorry we didnít talk more at the lake., that little boat of mine is a chore to stay on these fish in the wind. Not real impressed with my minnkota spot lock to be honest. Those luhr Jensen jigs you have should work fine. I havenít really ever thought color has much to do with much jigging like it does trolling. With the algae and depth they are schooling I do find glow lures to help and put a small blade of some sort on your lure. I will attach them at the same swivel the lure is attached with. That blade will makes some noise and flash. Krill scent has also been one of my favorites this year. I bring tons of different corn, but regular yellow Shoepeg was my best the last 2 weekends. Donít be afraid to jig fairly aggressive at times. They will hit on the fall or right at the pause on the bottom
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