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  1. Hi Mike,
    Kali and I are planning on heading up to LP on Wednesday morning. We will be there between 7:30 and 8. We need to leave by 1PM at the latest due to a board training we need to attend. So, you are more than welcome to join us on our boat. I am sure I won't have any medical appts since I go in tomorrow morning. Warning: I may need to make a stop or two at the bathroom at the ramp, due to my stent!!! One problem: if you plan on meeting us up there, there is no cell phone coverage at the Spring Shores site. We could easily keep an eye out for you at the docks. Let us know what you are thinking! Looking forward to seeing you. Mike and Kali
  2. Hey Mike,
    The last report sounds a bit better! Always a crap shoot, isn't it. Kali and I fished Little Camas off the shore, but it was slow....did I already mention this? The one boat out there was nailing 'em. They are nice sized fish. Haven't heard from you since my last post....maybe you are in ND? Let me know what you are thinking about Lucky Peak. Mike
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