View Full Version : Wolford 8/2/16

08-03-2016, 09:19 PM
Some fish were 35'-55' down, but most came near the surface and were very small. Water clarity about 7'. Temp 68 degrees. Caught 10 small kokes. Most were 10". One was 12". They liked spoons better than squids, or Taz. The 5 1/2" dodgers seemed to scare off the fish, the dodgers were almost bigger than the kokes. Running bare spoons or bare wedding rings enticed the kokes to bite, but they were all very small. There is a lack of plankton in the water. It used to be that plankton would collect on the downrigger cables. I suspect the lack of food for the Kokes is effecting their size. There were seven other boats in our party, we all caught small fish.