View Full Version : 2015 KPO Odell Lake Derby

06-26-2015, 10:50 AM
The summer seems to be going by fast and the last KPO derby of the year will be August 15 at Odell Lake.

Even though Shelter Cove is under new management we have met with the manager and they will continue the tradition of great support for the derby. The Oysters and refreshments on Friday will continue.http://www.ifish.net/board/images/smilies/mememe.gif

Please, Please, Please get your registration in early. This is our most attended derby every year and we must have an accurate count so we make certain we have enough food for everyone.

07-22-2015, 10:23 AM
It's only 4 Saturdays until the Odell Derby. Please get your entries in as soon as possible. We need to start ordering supplies for the meal and we certainly don't want to run short on anything.

Don't worry about the recent Algae bloom as they rarely last more than a couple weeks, we are forecasting clear water, no wind and mild temperatures for the entire weekend.101bananna101

08-07-2015, 12:44 PM
The derby is just a week away so if you have been putting it off get those entry forms in the mail quickly. I will be heading for the lake on Thursday morning so Wednesday evening will be my last chance to check the PO Box.

If you can't get it mailed in time then you can still register on Friday Evening in the grass area behind the cleaning station at Shelter Cove.


08-18-2015, 09:54 AM
We would like to say a big thank you to all who participated and/or supported the Odell Derby. It turned out to be our biggest derby ever, with 45 adult teams (109 fishermen) and 23 juniors.

I tried to cut and paste from excel and that did not end well, so manual entry it is. Any tie was broken by longest fish.
1st Dave Kauer, Doug Fanning 4.59lbs $500
2nd Curtis Hyde, Arnold Jiminez 4.52lbs $400
3rd Brad Hallek, Rich Bryan, Carol Bryan, Frank Bryan 4.30lbs $300
4th Al Cunningham, Carl Gerdts, 4.22lbs $200
5th Ed Arthur, Devon Arthur, Jalessa Mobley, 4.11lbs $175
6th Ken Espersen, Dawnell Espersen, 4.06lbs $150
7th Bret Bergstralh, Austin Baker, Doug Baker, 4.06lbs, $125
8th Scott Child, Shawn Child, 4.05lbs, $110
9th Mike Schulte, Larriat Schulte, Steve Pechar, 4.0lbs, $100
10th Joe Shaw, Trevor Shaw, Tom Provacha, 3.99lbs, $90
11th Wes Baughman Jr., Wes Baughman III, 3.97lbs, $80
12th Rick Norris, Kirby Callis, 3.97lbs, $70
13th Jeremy Jahn, Debbie Jahn, Bill Vandehey, Jim Vandehey, 3.86lbs, $60
14th Larry Hunnemueller, Keith Hunnemueller, Jim Bier, 3.85lbs, $50
15th Jim Wheaton, Elaine Wheaton, 3.84lbs, $40