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05-20-2014, 11:56 AM
Kokanee Power of Oregon has partnered with ODFW to conduct plankton samplings at both Green Peter and Detroit throughout the summer. It has long been questions as to why GP produces so many kokanee and Detroit does not. Maybe these samplings can help answer that and other questions. Here is a release from ODFW.

Zooplankton Sampling in Green Peter and Detroit Reservoirs
Sampling zooplankton in Detroit and Green Peter Reservoirs will allow ODFW to assess the food available to kokanee and other fish species in each of these reservoirs. Monthly sampling will help ODFW determine when food is most abundant, whether there is sufficient food for the fish in each of these reservoirs, the best times to plant juvenile fish in the reservoir, and the differences in productivity (available food) between Green Peter and Detroit Reservoirs. This information may help us all understand the difference in kokanee population levels between the two reservoirs.

KPO supplied $2000.00 of ODFW to purchase all the nets and supplies to conduct the samplings at both lakes. In addition, KPO members and volunteers will be taking the samples monthly and forwarding the samples on to ODFW for analysis.

The first part was the training that took place at Detroit this past Sunday. The dedication of the staff and volunteers was evident as there was a steady rain interrupted by extremely heavy downpours. There was a brief instruction period on shore and then 4 boats rafted up on the lake and the training continues. By the end of the training there were samples taken from three different zones on the lake.

Those participating were

DR. Elise Kelly, District Fish Biologist
Alex Farrand, Fish Biologist

Jim Wheaton, Rick Stutheit, Rick Breckel, Bob Aggen, Ed Arthur, Roy Tollefson, Ken Currey, Alex Currey, Christine Bass, Robbie Thorson and David Martin.

05-20-2014, 12:46 PM
just throwing this out there but the difference between the two lakes is water management. Detroit is all but completely drained and every thing with it goes down river and if the kokanee do spawn it would have to be way up river and I don't know if there any good spawning beds up there, and there beds in Detroit are high and dry. I know it is for flood control and to maintain water levels in the lower river in summer first and recreation second so the fish are stressed because of it. also they always have large blue algae out breaks with public warnings every year. just something to think about. dfly

05-20-2014, 05:18 PM
Not sure that's the problem. I have heard old timers tell of the Santiam and Brietenbush both running red with kokanee in the fall years ago. I also heard this weekend of spawning kokanee being spotted miles above the lake in the past. There are many, many variables between the two lakes. If the plankton is not the answer then on to something else.

One thing being tossed around is letting the fish get bigger before planting in Detroit so they are not so attractive to the rainbow.