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07-14-2013, 01:29 PM
1st John Kline, Bill Bach 2.871
2nd Ken Espersen, Dawnell Espersen 2.838
3rd Curtis Hyde, Kevin Anderson 2.816
4th Billy Bass, Brandon Beyer, Jeff Greiner 2.805
5th Peter Schmidt, Rick Breckel 2.783
6th Brad Halleck, Rich Bryant, Gary Mirales 2.783
7th Brian Russell, Brad Baker, Randy Parker 2.772
8th Jeremy Jahn, Debbie Jahn, Greg Loe 2.739
9th Julie Collis, Dave Jones 2.728
10th Mike Schulte, Larriat Schulte 2.706

As you can see, the difference between 1st and 10th was .165 pounds due to the cookie cutter size of the fish being caught at GP this year.

This also highlights one very important tip to take when fishing derbies. Always have an electronic scales with you when you fish a derby. Just a gram or two can make a difference in where you place. At weigh in the fish are weighed in grams and then converted to pounds. So EVERY gram counts.

From what I saw everyone had a great time. The lunch was great and as always there was tons of prizes to be won at the raffle. John Kline of the winning team also had the longest fish and he shared some great tips on his tactics for fishing derbies. If you weren't there you missed some great information, not only from John but from all many of the derby veterans. What a great place to learn.

There is only one chance to be a part of a KPO derby this year, and that will be the Odell Derby on 17th. This will be a great derby and the festivities will start Friday night the 16th with a beer and oyster feed, FOR FREE!

There was also a good turn out for the junior division, I will post those results in a separate post.

07-14-2013, 02:21 PM
One of the great part of the derbies is seeing the participation of a great bunch of kids. Kids in the junior division fish for free and this year there were 8 contestants at GP. These kids were perfect ladies and gentlemen and were great representations of parents. As you will see there was a tie in weight, just like there was in the team division. Ties are broken by the length of the longest fish, and in this case it came down to .3 centimeters.

The juniors weigh in their two largest fish of the day.

1st Shawn Child 1.122
2nd Carol Bryan 1.056
3rd Carson Hyde 1.056
4th Calista Farris 1.023
5th Nicholas Anderson 1.012
6th Chase Parker .979
7th Theron Phifer .968
8th Alex Currey .759

07-18-2013, 11:59 PM
Those California guys at it again! John and Bill are regulars down here. Looks like you were fishing for half pounders from the weight totals.