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05-29-2013, 11:02 AM
This years Wickiup Derby is just over a week away so get your registrations in asap. You can get the entry form from our website and then either mail it to me at the address on the bottom of the entry form or scan it as a pdf file and email it to me at david@kokaneepoweroregon.com

Here is a link that should get you to the entry form. If mailing you can pay by check, if emailing you will need to fill out the credit card info at the bottom of the entry form.


We will also be taking registration the night before the derby but please don't wait until then if at all possible. We need as good a head count as possible to make sure we have enough food and other supplies.

I will be arriving at Wickiup on Tuesday the 4th, Gull Point campground space 33, stop in and get acquainted.

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06-01-2013, 01:32 AM
It looks like we are going to have fabulous weather for the derby.

06-09-2013, 09:03 PM
Here are the winners. The first place team averaged just over 2 pounds per fish. All totaled there was 174 pounds of fish weighed in by 27 teams. The longest fish was 19.19 inches.

The weather was great, no wind, in fact we could have used a little breeze mid morning, the lake was glass.

I will list the junior division winners in another post shortly.

Place Team 5 fish weight
1 Scott Hatcher Bryan Murphy 10.89
2 Brian Kidder Jason Hordichok Colby Hordichok 9.658
3 David Krajczynski Robert Krajczynski Steve Krajczynski Dennis Lott 8.888
4 Robert Anderson, Casey Anderson,Dan Anderson, Joey Meyers 8.382
5 Curtis Hyde 8.36
6 Rick Breckel, Allen Breckel 8.008
7 Scott Walters, Tammy Simpson, Monty Coon, Terry Walters, Mike Platz, Tony Phifer 7.656
8 Orie Redding, Jason Miller, Jay Pumala, Rick Crivellone 7.612
9 Russ Fagan, Brian Russell 7.59
10 Brian Gainer, Teri Gainer 7.414