View Full Version : Kokanee Power Don Pedro Team Kokanee Derby - June 1st 2013

05-23-2013, 10:40 AM
Kokanee season is well underway so why not come out to have some fun and support the fishery by participating in the Phil Johnson Memorial Don Pedro Team Kokanee Derby. All the activity will be at the Blue Oak Group Camping area. We have some side pots for Trout and Kings which adds to the fun. Payouts, as always, are down to 15th place and 1st place is $600 based on 125 entrants. Bring the youth out as well to get them away from the TV and electronic devices for the day.

You can sign up multiple ways - email, phone call, on-site Friday, Sat or online which is the easiest. Here's the links:

Derby Form and Rules for Mail in entrants (http://www.kokaneepower.org/derbies/20130601.pdf)

Online via PayPal

Online Payment Entry Form (http://www.kokaneepower.org/derbies/online/20130601.html)

Also do you ever wonder how your derby participation helps the fishery and special causes? You should and you can always check out how Kokanee Power spends membership, fundraiser and extra derby proceeds on our Projects Page here:

Kokanee Power Projects Page (http://www.kokaneepower.org/projects/projects_main.php)

Hope to see you out there for the usual fun and camaraderie at Don Pedro.