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02-07-2012, 02:45 PM
Since this event will be at Strawberry Reservoir in Utah and 'The Berry' is well known to have kokanee in it, I thought it appropriate to post this here. I hope the mods agree.

Well, I donít see that actions have started to set up the fishing event for our disabled veterans for 2012. As many of you know, I have been involved with this event in the past, but withdrew last year when my efforts to tie the event into a recognized national charitable organization were met with resistance and were subsequently shot down.

This year, there is a national charitable organization that has a new, start-up chapter located in Utah; Hunterís Helping Soldiers - HHS (http://www.huntershelpingsoldiers.org/ (http://www.huntershelpingsoldiers.org/)). Iím involved with the Utah Chapter and have suggested to the man behind this chapter (Dan Ahlstrom) that this organization is tailor made to get behind and sponsor this event. There are no dues required to be a part of this organization, just a willingness to volunteer some time and/or money to give something back to our veterans.

We have the required Federal certification for a charitable organization and we are in the process of registering with the State ofUtah. All donations of time, money, or products will be recognized as a charitable donation for tax purposes and volunteers will not be at risk of tax liabilities. Which is exactly what I was looking for last year and couldnít find.

Iím asking each and every one of you that have been involved with this event in the past to come join me under the HHS umbrella to make this yearís event happen. If you were a Team Leader or volunteer for any part of the event in the past and have the time and desire to do so again, please let me know by sending me your direct email address in a PM at your earliest convenience so we can start the planning phase immediately.

Thank you for any support you can give to make a difference in a veteran's life.