View Full Version : KPO Crescent Lake Results

05-16-2011, 12:21 PM
#1. Brain Russell, Joe Moritz, Mike Mansker 4.02
#2. Hal Springsteen, John Kline 4.01
#3. Jeff Rusow, Brad Rusow, Rick Phipps, Scott Durans 3.93
#4. Chad Gibson, Mark Arkills, Brad Adams 3.85
#5. Jeremy Jahn, Debbie Jahn, Chester Jahn 3.84
#6. Glenn Smith, Rick Chavez 3.79
#7. Billy Bass, Brian Hutley, Jeff Griener, John Kirkman 3.78
#8. Jerud Rhen, Janien Rhen 3.76
#9. Doug Herschbach, Del Frigault 3.69
#10. Gary Mirales, Kevin Brownlee, Debbie Brownlee 3.62

From the feedback I have gotten everyone had a great time. It was amazing how the fish turned on Saturday with a little bit of weather change (low pressure moved in overnight).

We had a final of 27 teams that weighed in.

Now is the time to get that entry sent in for Green Peter, June 11th.