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Metal Manipulator
04-05-2011, 01:24 AM
Recently I had to make a repair to the exhaust headers on the jet boat. When I finished installing the header I gazed at the transom area of the boat. The carpeted plywood had been failing in a couple of spots so I started tearing it out. Three days of retrofitting and here are the things that I added to the boat.

Here is the transom area after being torn out. I dislike having plywood on an aluminum boat, it just does not hold up over time.

Space is a premium on boats so I came up with this plan to get rid of the tackle boxes on the deck space. Not only did I want to get rid of the tackle boxes I wanted to be able to store more tackle. With the back bench out I built up the transom with large storage cabinets with latches and easy access.

I wanted lots of storage for Plano boxes. I was able to make room for 24 - 3700 series boxes. It took 6 hrs. to reorganize the tackle (Kokanee) and label, but know I can quickly find the items that I want.

This next options will make the Wife happy. Warm water hand washing stations. Granted the Honda does not have an engine thermostat, but at least it is warmer than the lake water.

I did make a trip on 4/3 to GP. the fishing was slow but we managed 6 fish with the largest at 13.25 inches. I examined their intestines and they were baron from any food elements. Their flesh was pale in comparison to last summer. I had fresh Kokanee tonight and the flavor was lacking the usual wonderful flavor that I am used too. I think I will wait another month before I go again in hopes that they will start feeding. Then I believe they will start putting on weight and flavor.

Metal Manipulator
04-05-2011, 01:32 AM
Here is the rest of the story.

I wanted lots of storage for Plano boxes. I was able to make room for 24 - 3700 series boxes. It took 6 hrs. to reorganize the tackle (Kokanee) and label, but know I can quickly find the items that I want.

Tired of digging for you tools, not any more now there is a place for the essentials in easy reach from both sides.

Since I make Boat Towers I had to add one for the boat. I love the rod storage! Easy access and not having to worry about getting them out of the gunnels trays. I have two nets on the boat which mean that one is within easy reach when the fishing is hot. You can see them in the last photo holding steady in their places.
After the modifications it was time to take her out for a spin. I left the Wife on the shore taking pictures while I made a high speed turn jumping my own wakes. I like the looks of the tower and the boys are going to be surprised when I show up for our annual trip.

04-05-2011, 09:29 PM
Wow MM that looks great very nice job looks like it came from the factory that way signfishin

04-05-2011, 09:34 PM
Nice job! I fished years ago with a guide on the Clearwater for springers. He had a similar hand warmer from his Yamaha T8. We all loved it as it was quite cold. The boat looks great!
High five....K

04-11-2011, 06:59 PM
I hear your quite the Salmon fisherman too. Nice job to bad there are not making them 3700 Plano boxes anymore/after all that work ,diamond plate (looks great) mrmike