View Full Version : October fishing report from Quepos, Costa Rica. Sailfish, YF Tuna, and Dorado!

10-23-2010, 03:20 PM
October 19, 2010
Had a great day out on the water today with not only great fisherman but great cameramen as well, as the pictures show! We went fishing with a gentleman from San Diego today and his two Godsons and since two of them had never hooked into a billfish before, billfish were the target. Just some background for those of you unfamiliar with Quepos, October is right at the end of our low season, and fishing is generally considered to be much easier from Nov-May. With that in mind, we decided that the farther out we go, the better the chance of getting something with a bill. We ended up cruising out to about 40-45 n. miles out. Well, turned out to be an awesome day releasing 2 sailfish along with getting 3 YF Tuna and 6 Dorado to the boat. It was an awesome time and we met our goals, and now the whole family has a Pacific sailfish checked off their list! If the fishing is this good in October, i really expect it to pick up for November and this high season should produce some great numbers. We also went out a couple of other times this week and had two nice Marlin hookups. We hooked a 450 pound Blue and 300 Blue in two different days. Unfortunately, we lost both the fights, but just seeing those fish come out of the water on the strike and then hearing the line peel away made it super exciting! Also, as you can see from the pictures, the weather this October has been great. The ocean was pretty much flat all day and made it easy to spot the Tuna Schools from miles away using the Fujinon's. We actually found 5 different groups of spinner dolphins in the morning today before 12 o'clock. The bottom picture seems to sum up our days recently, with me and Jerry looking ahead for stuff and Mike getting a better angle to see when the sailfish come into the spread. Another great day of fishing in Quepos Costa Rica!