View Full Version : Classifieds board policies

05-21-2010, 10:33 AM
1) If you have an item for sale or a service to offer, feel free to post it on this board.

2) Items for sale or a service to offer should be posted on this board and any for sale or a service to offer posts made on any other KFF forum will be moved to this board.

3) Do not "double post" by making a post on this board and also making a post on another KFF forum's that either duplicates the post on here or invites readers to come to this board to see an ad. A double post on another KFF forum's will be deleted.

4) This board is primarily for private parties to list their items for sale. For those that own a business we ask that you become a site sponcer to regularly run your ads or to run large quanity of ads.

5) All threads that have had no activity in over a month will be deleted.

6) If an item is sold please edit the original Subject and replace it with "SOLD", rather than posting a reply indicating that the item has been sold.

7) As an aid to others, please include in your post the city, state where the item for sale is located.

8)This board is for selling items, it is not for challenging or disputing the value of the item that is for sale. Please refrain from giving the seller your opinion of the value of any item that is for sale, unless you are asked to do so.

Happy selling!