View Full Version : Ashley and Bitterroot

Piscivorous Pike
05-10-2010, 11:02 PM
Ashley yesterday and Bitterroot today.

Kokes running in big schools suspended at about 60 feet over 100-180 feet of water.

Ashley both north and south sides of the east half of the lake, from the public ramp east. Caught only two, not hitting good, tried jigging and running a small wobbler behind a flasher.

Bitterroot the same but much bigger denser schools on the east side of the lake, the usual area by the se corner. Over 100-150 water suspended at 60 foot average, some bottom dwellers but not many.

I have a 798SI ci Humminbird with down scan, side scan. Can see the individual fish,this is the greatest technology. Stayed ontop of a huge school all day but no strikes. I can see my down rigger weight or jig with the sonar right in the school.

Got new Mag5 Cannon and with the Hummer what a combo. Just were not hitting. GPS says I trolled 41 miles!!!!! and no stikes, wow. Talk about lock jaw...

I troll a small silver flasher in front of a small flo orange wobbler with an e chip and tip it with maggots. The link is flourocarbon, the line 6 # mono. I use an Air 7 Berkely salmon/steel head rod 10.5 foot for this light outfit. Proven deadly on Kokes in the past years. Just not my fishing trip I guess.

I use on of those releases that is a steel arm that snaps into a plastic clamp with an adjustment screw, light release. I put a duo lock snap on the line and give it 3 turns and put the snap in the release. That way I get the light strike release and the snap un winds and goes down to the lure. No damage to the 6# mono and releases on 8 inch kokes!