View Full Version : Antero 1/23/10 Kokanee & Trout

01-24-2010, 07:31 PM
I ice fished Antero Saturday 1/23/2010. My brother in-law was going to go with me but he was not feeling well, so I set out on my own. Fished from 7:30 to 10:30 and between the trout and kokanee I lost count of how many I caught, but would estimate over 20 fish. On the trout I got 5 in the 15 - 17 inch range and at least 7 or 8 smaller ones. The score on the Kokanee was 9. Colorado limit on Kokanee is 10. So why did I stop at 9 and not 10 you might ask - I ran out of wax worms. The kokanee were biting on small pink jigs tipped with wax worms. When I ran out of wax worms I tried Berkley Gulp pink maggots and salmon eggs. The trout would still bite but the kokanee would not hit the maggots or eggs.
Note to self - next time bring more wax worms (ha,ha).
I did think about jigging a swedish pimple or kastmaster but the wind was starting to blow and I wanted to leave before the wind got to bad. I started out fishing two rods and at one point I had fish on both rods at the same time so most of the time I fished only one rod. The best day ice fishing this season so far.

Here is a photo of the two trout and nine kokanee I did keep.


P.S. If anyone would like to join me for kokanee fishing sometime, drop me a private message and we can see about meeting up.