View Full Version : Lake Del Valle 8-1-09

08-02-2009, 02:06 PM
I decided to make a check on Del Valle for some Kokanee since the weather has been 20 degrees cooler than normal. Jenna and I gave it a shot and stuck to it for the day even though there were a lot of trout and Stripers on the Fishfinder. One trout felt sorry for us and it was a nice 16.5 inch fish that ate up an RMT Pink UV Spinner Hoochie. One other fish hooked up for a minute and peeled line like crazy but likely a Striper. Heron Bay is where we targeted and there were plenty of trout marks and Stripers in the northern to NW area in the 60 degree temp range of 25-38 feet. There were a few Kokanee like marks here and there deeper but not as many as I would like to see. I'll probably try it again later this month or early September.

The good thing is there was a fish hatch of some sort, maybe shad but they were in schools around the surface so the fish under them will be fed.

At the marina I saw the marina / store guy take picture of this guys three fish. One of them caught my eye from a distance as it was either a King or a Kokanee so I talked to the guy who caught it who thought it was a trout and told him it was a King and how to identify it. It was a nice 18-19 inch fish, fat and it came off the bottom mooching anchovies at the dam. I also talked to the store operator (different from last year), name was Mike and got him straightened out on the fish he thought was a trout as well. I asked him if any Kokes had been brought in and he said yes and I asked if he had pictures and he showed me a picture of a King so I gave him an ID lesson for the future. Guessing if any others were brought in they are likely Kings but he did not have any other photos.

In any case a nice day which I'm sure would have been productive for trout if I wanted to throw some Rapalas down at the right depth.

Here's Jenna's Brown-noser trout... see the second photo she wanted me to take...guess he's been in the aquarium a bit longer!