View Full Version : Navajo Report

07-27-2009, 03:41 PM
OK, just back from a weekend at Navajo. Got on the lake about 9:30 Friday morning after the almost four hour drive from Cedar Crest. Two weeks ago I was hitting pretty consitent at 30-40 feet so I set one downrigger at 33 and the other at 38. Immediately got one on the 33 foot rod. The fish finder was showing them much lower though and the surface water temp was around 75,so I lowered both, who am I to argue with modern technology. Fished at 51 and 55 for the rest of the day and ended up with six in the box. Saturday was a exercise in futility. Lost a couple right at the boat, threw back a little fella and went home empty handed. Called it quits early though since the water sports had started around eleven and a couple hours of the those inconsiderate A**holes is all I can take. Don't ya just love the kamakazee jet skiers? Was raining Sunday morning so I hit the road.

07-28-2009, 11:43 AM
What kind of tackle is involved? Your right about the inconsiderate A** holes. I wish koke fishing was more in the off season from other water sports activities. Cooler atmosphere would mean better fishing.