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05-20-2009, 11:44 AM
Being new to this forum I don't know if this has been discussed yet, in looking over the prior topics I didn't see this mentioned.

The past couple of years Antero reservoir has been stocked with Kokanee. In April 09 the CDOW updated the Antero fish survey report. Here are some comments from the report.
"Kokanee have been added to the stocking schedule at Antero to produce a desired species that does not compete with other trout and suckers for forage and space. By fall and winter of 2009 these kokanee should be of nice size. Snagging of kokanee at Antero is not allowed."
The gill netting relative abundance pie chart shows the kokanee at 37% and the length chart shows the kokanee from 6.5" to 10.5"
You can see the whole report at

Living in Colorado Springs I am excited to see kokanee in anothe reservoir within a couple hour drive. I ice fished Antero several times this past winter and did well on the trout, the chance to catch kokanee next winter will be an added bonus.

Antero is not a deep reservoir so it will be interesting to see how the kokanee do; me - I am rooting for them thumbsup


05-20-2009, 01:22 PM
I also hope that the kokanee do well there but I have my doubts. Antero is so shallow and weedy at times, not the sort of place that you'd think that kokes would thrive in. You'd think that Spinney or 11 mile would be the more logical choice to devote the kokanee resources to in that area, we'll see. Then again, everything in Antero reaches pig proportions (when it doesn't winter kill), so any surviving kokes there could grow large. Antero is managed oddly, imo. I guess this is just another example.

05-22-2009, 11:10 AM
Here is some additional data on Antero kokanee stocking for the past couple of years.

Antero Kokanee stocking numbers
Year Total # Lbs Num/Lb Tot." Avg."
2008 69,600 160 435.0 137,216 1.97
2007 53,532 245 218.5 132,765 2.48

All this talk about kokanee and I am actually going warm water fishing this weekend - oh too many fish not enough time...