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07-24-2008, 05:37 AM
this is actually a spin off from a PM i recieved and thought i would share. it is by no means all inclusive, and feel free to add any input, but this is what has always been a success for me:

The narrows (right outside the marina, no wake zone) is great for jigging buzz bombs, rainbow color and blue/white stripped have always produced for me. know your depths of your equipment and keep a steady eye on the sonar. drop that buzz bomb right in their faces and whammy, youll do great. they always seem to hit it on the down motion of the jig movment.

Cebolla basin (i might be off, but the last basin before the gunnison flows in). this is my money hole. weather trolling, or jigging. if i troll i troll two depths. depth one if followed by the sonar. that way im right in front of the koks. depth two is either 2 to 3 feet above/below where they are showing on the sonar, all really depends on how i feel. i ALWAYS troll wedding rings with the neon green or neon pink hooks with a few pieces of shoepea corn. if im not getting steady constant hook ups i change from corn to berkley power worms (the night crawler imitation things) in either earth worm color, neon green, or neon pink. i have yet to be let down using that set up in the number of years i fished there.

if it is jigging, i use my pontoon boat (always wear a life jacket, and i tie a hunting orange vest on the back of my chair for visibility). and use either buzz bombs, or stump jumpers (bladded jigs) in bright colors. buzz bombs dont seem to work as well here as they do in the narrows. the stump jumpers do how ever, and i tip them with those berkley power worms again, and i purposley mismatch colors, ie, if im using a neon green stump jumper, i will tip it with a neon pink worm.

lastly depoending on water level, i have jigged above lake city bridge, but be careful. from what i have heard the regs have changed for kok fishing above the bridge this year so read them carefully.

07-24-2008, 07:02 AM
i would actually post my eleven mile set up, but as there are no kok's in there now, and for the next few years, theres no point.