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01-06-2009, 11:53 AM
this is a direct copy and paste from my post on bft. i was going to post on their board but wanted to ask you guys first... oh also, i troll in my boat and as petty knows, i like kok's but these are just some questions in general:

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decided to ask here first before i ask on the wyoming boards cause i know alot of yall fish wyoming, even if it is extensivley FG.

so heres the deal. i have applied for a duty position at FE Warren in cheyenne. to be 100% honest, i applied for it, for the schedule. 72 hours on, 4 days off, for the free time and chance to fish my butt off during the spring summer and fall..... i dont ice fish, and just like Trout_Slayer the only ice you will ever find me near is the stuff in my Jameson and Coke.

that being said anyone have some different experiances fishing around wyoming aside from FG? with a 4 day weekend, and a boat, im thinking about buying a van/small rv and towing the boat every where to get some good fishing in. i know about below the gorge since i have floated it.

what about anything else out towards the east? Seminoe Res i believe i will have to ask about on the WY boards, would just like to get others input on the state in general.

any helpful advice would be great. im also thinking of buying a house and not afraid of driving 45 minutes one way to get to work, plus i like living out in the sticks where no one will bother me.

im also starting to think about getting back into elk hunting. how is public land up there? can you get a CCW (concealed weapons liscense)? mine has expired from california last november.

once again any input about the state would be much appreciated!

01-06-2009, 11:30 PM
There are several reservoirs within a few hours driving of Cheyenne. The game and fish put some kokes in High Savery it is south of Rawlins a little ways, I haven't fished it but have heard good things about it so far. Boysen is by Riverton it has walleye, catfish, perch and trout. It won't be hard to find places to fish probably harder deciding which one to go to. Wyoming has plenty of public land, however most of the public land for elk hunting would be in the western part of the state. Yes you can get a concealed weapons permit when you get here. Once here just go to the sheriffs office and they should be able to get the paperwork for you. If you like the outdoors there is not a better state to live in. All the open space with very few people.

01-07-2009, 11:00 AM
All the open space with very few people.

which is another reason i chose WY over Montana

04-07-2009, 09:22 AM
kochanut, sounds like we are in the same boat in a way. I relocated from Green River and have been in the Cheyenne area for a little over a year. I really miss having the Flaming Gorge in my back yard and have been exploring the area for fishing oppertunities. I have fished Lake Hattie, Grey Rocks, Granite, North Crow and High Savery Reservoir. Have had luck with some and limited success at others, see my posts here and on bigfishtackle. I have included a map of High Savery that I made using terraserver and windows paint, I had to reduce it so I could post it. I also have maps to other lakes I have made if you are interested (Glendo, Flaming Gorge, Fontenelle, Greyrocks and others...) just PM me if you need em and I can send the full size to your e-mail... have a good one. LBD