My Fishing Show

Here is a mixture of fishies from my favourite places. I have also fished Australia, European Orvis Cup, Hawaii, Florida Keys and other places..
  1. 016 - Who Eats Who? Read Story. From Sydney Park Australia.
  2. Allouette Lake - Bull Trout.
  3. On Harrison River. My favorite river in British Columbia, Canada.
  4. 013 Australia's Yellow Jack
  5. 014 Australia's Gummy Shark. Got a few of those too.
  6. 015 eels story - read the sign in the next picture! Eeels eat ducks and vica versa..
  7. Deka Lake, BC. Rainbows
  8. 011 Australia - Leatherjacket
  9. 012 Australia - Leatherjacket. Good eating but hard to skin! Must use pliers...
  10. Sockye run on the famous Fraser River.
  11. Kokes from Allouette Lake, B.C.
  12. Lower Koke got  hit by the boat prop. I got a few like that...
  13. Floats work!
  14. Pink in the net. It was released after this picture was taken.
  15. Love to catch cutties!
  16. 7lb Big Rainbow from our local Mill Lake.
  17. Dolly Varden is pulling hard on the 6lb test line!
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