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Trolling motor lifter project for an old man:) As we got some warmer day (40+ degree)in December. I went out to the garage to build this lifter. Wife will appreciate this. Material: 20' x 1.5" x .100" square tubing. 1000lbs trailer jack, 1/4" clevis + 2' chain. 4 - 2" swivel casters
Motor dry weight 92 lbs
Effort force calculate about 265 lbs to lift 92 lbs motor at the distance of 12.5".
For the fun to calculate the Third Class Lever Formula that I found on the net.
Fe= F1d1/de => 36"x92lbs/12.5" = 265 lbs.
Fe=Effort force, F1=Load force 92lbs at a distance of 36" from the fulcrum, d1= 36" distance from load force to fulcrumde. de= effort force at a distance of 12.5" from the fulcrum.

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