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    West Hill Up-Date 6/22/2014

    The kokes might be big this year at the Hill but the catch numbers are drastically down from previous years.

    Trout Tracker Yesterday, 06:27 PM Go to last post

    West Hill Up-Date 6/22/2014

    Sea dog.
    Found the forum looking for info on kokanee dosing in West Hill. I have been on one side of the pond or another for about 25 years now.

    jbmagi Yesterday, 03:36 PM Go to last post

    Hi to everyone!

    Welcome aboard John!

    SilverBullets Yesterday, 02:52 PM Go to last post

    North Idaho Fishermen

    Howdy, IdahoJoe. I live in Hayden, recently retired, and would be happy to have you contact me if you're looking for someone to fish with. I've worked

    turnerscott Yesterday, 02:30 PM Go to last post

    2014 Green Peter Fishing Reports

    what you would keep wouldn't even put a dent in it, f&g needs to not stock it next year and let the remaining starving ones have a chance at some

    dragonfly Yesterday, 10:37 AM Go to last post

    Strawberry Adventure Invite

    I'm still open on Friday (August 1). If you want to join me in my boat or can take me in yours will work for me. My boat is a Tracker Targa Deep V16

    dubob Yesterday, 10:28 AM Go to last post

    Paulina lake reports

    Nice looking jigs and apex. You do good work. I will copy a few and give em a go. Aloha.

    Fishonfarmer Yesterday, 10:10 AM Go to last post

    Fishing lake tahoe

    Well thanks for the info. I know the kokanee bite usually gets better toward the month of August. I have caught a few lake trout but usually not to many

    Pappy Yesterday, 12:49 AM Go to last post
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